GHCN-M V3 vs. V2

Global Station Data

GHCN-M station data spread using 250 km smoothing. The numbers on the top right are the area-weighted means over the grid boxes with data. (2011/12/17)

The same as the above figure but for two months with largest differences in the global mean V2 and V3. (2011/12/16)

United States

The contiguous U.S. mean temperature anomalies using GHCN V2 and V3 and their differences. In the left column 12-month running means are taken to reduce the noise. On the right the monthly anomalies and their diference are shown for past ten years. (2011/12/16)


Above two figures show geographical distributions of the temperature anomalies and differences for the two months of largest mean differences shown in the line graph above. (2011/12/16)

Standard GISS Analysis

Some selected maps using GISS standard analysis, i.e. 1200 km smoothing for station data with HadISST1 plus OISST v2. See Hansen et al. (2010) for details. (2011/12/17)