Michael I. Weinstein

Awards and Grants

2019-2024 PI: National Science Foundation
DMS - Applied Mathematics
Waves, Novel Two-Dimensional Materials and Applications - DMS-1908657

2015-2020 Simons Foundation Math + X Investigator Award

2016-2019 PI: National Science Foundation
DMS - Optics and Photonics, Collaborative Research:
Landau Levels and Dirac Points in Continuous Photonic Systems - DMS 1620418

2014-2019 PI: National Science Foundation
DMS - Applied Mathematics
Waves in Complex Media and Applications DMS-1412560

2012-2017 coPI / Senior Investigator: National Science Foundation
Columbia IGERT in Optics and Quantum Electronics

2010-2013 PI: National Science Foundation
DMS - Applied Mathematics
Dynamics of Linear and Nonlinear Waves in Complex Media

2007-2010 PI: National Science Foundation
DMS - Applied Mathematics
Wave Propagation and Resonance in Complex Media

2005-2008 PI: National Science Foundation
Mathematical Geosciences - CMG
Analytical and Computational Studies of Magma Dynamics

2004-2007 PI: National Science Foundation
DMS Applied Mathematics
Resonance Problems for Linear and Nonlinear Waves

2003-2006 coPI: National Science Foundation
GOALI - University - Industry collaborative grant, joint with R.V. Kohn of the Courant Institute - NYU
Analysis and Computational Modeling of Photonic Microstructures

2004- International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), Edinburgh
Conference on Mathematical Problems in Nonlinear optics and Microstructure Media, 2004
(MIW- co-organizer; funding from EPSRC, the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council of the UK)

1985-2000, 2004-2007 National Science Foundation
Programs in Applied Mathematics, Classical Analysis

1999-2001 National Science Foundation
University - Industry Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
joint with P. J. Holmes of Princeton University

National Science Foundation
Coprincipal investigator on Group Infrastucture Grant on
Interdisciplinary Mathematics: Applied and Numerical Analysis in Science and Engineering at University of Michigan.

1997- U.S. Department of Education -
Participant in FIPSE Grant
Project to better coordinate applied mathematics courses with
engineering and science courses at the University of Michigan