My research interests span three broad, often intersecting areas: theoretical/philosophical issues in psychology, research methodology, and Asian/Asian-American psychology.  The underlying motivation for my research concerns examining and understanding the assumptions and methods that shape the way that scientific knowlege is generated within psychology.  Knowledge is neither static nor insular.  Rather, the construction of knowledge is influenced by many social-cultural and methodological factors.  Therefore, my research is often aimed at revealing how various assumptions and methods yield different psychological knowledge claims.  The ultimate goal is of this inquiry is to encourage researchers and other scholars to be mindful of the contextual nature of the strengths and limitations of various research methods and approaches.  

Please see my C.V. for a list of presentations and published papers.  

Selective Current Projects
Constructions of gender role in Asian/Asian-American men
Positive psychology of Asian/Asian-American gay men and lesbians
Citation patterns of qualitative studies published in counseling psychology
Implementation of research registries in psychology
Use of respondent-driven sampling method to diversify participant pool
Predictors of social justice commitment in counseling students
Methodology issues is social class research in counseling

I provide organizational research services as a private consultant.