Research Team

A significant part of the theoretical and practical research training in the Counseling Psychology Program takes place in research teams headed by the faculty of the program.   My research team is made up of both doctoral and masters-level graduate students.  We meet weekly as a group and independently in project sub-teams to work on a variety of tasks associated with current and on-going research projects.  The team and sub-team meetings allow members to collaborate and support each other on carrying out tasks and research projects.  

Team members are actively involved in various stages of current research projects (see Research link), and are encouraged to be co-presenters or co-authors on papers that they significantly help shape.  

We generally recruit team members in the Fall of each academic year.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact Dr. Lau or the team coordinator.  

Members (2012-2013)

Principal Investigator
Michael Y. Lau

Doctoral Students
Jennifer Chang (Co-Coordinator)
Erica Rojas (Co-Coordinator)
Angela Gwak
Joanna Murray
Jacob Sawyer

Masters Students
Shuyi Liu
Kyle McGarty
Sylwia Nadolna
Aditi Verma
Chi Yeung

Affiliated and Past Team Members
Lindsay Bowling (Ed.M., '12)
Yu-Kang Chen
Rosa Cho
Caroline Chu (Ed.M., '12)
Karin Garber (Ed.M., '11)
Erin Haynes (Ed.M., '11)
Jill Huang (Ed.M., '10)
Crina Im
Mei Kuang (Ed.M., '10)
Charlie Stayton (Ed.M., '11)

Team Bowling Outing, January 2010

Team Outing Scavenger Hunt at the Metropolitan Museum, March 2011

Team Outing Scavenger Hunt at the Museum of Natural History, February 2012