Doctoral Training
Teachers College has an APA accredited doctoral program in Counseling Psychology.  We subscribe to a scientist-practitioner training model, with a particular emphasis on research training and multicultural competency.  The faculty is made up of a diverse group of scholars, all of whom are committed to and contribute significantly to the knowledge base on racial-cultural and multicultural issues in counseling psychology.  Applications are accepted in December for admission in the following academic year.  

In general, I expect to take in 1 student per academic year to work with me.  I am particularly interested in students whose research interests overlap well with mine, although current students receive training both from me and other faculty in related areas. Most, if not all of our students participate in research teams led by faculty members in the program. As you can see in the link to my research team, we meet regularly and work collaboratively on a diverse number of research projects.  All students on my team are strongly encouraged to and most are able to coauthor conference presentations and/or scholarly papers.     

Research Team Training
If you are looking to gain more experiences in research, please consider joining our research team (also see Research Team link).  A variety of training is provided through participation in the projects conducted by the team.