Structural estimation of the Newsvendor model: An Application to Reserving Operating Room Time, with C. Terwiesch and L. Cassorla, 2008. Management Science 54(1), pp. 41-55. link

Competing retailers and inventory: An empirical investigation of General Motors’ dealerships in isolated markets, with G. Cachon, 2009. Management Science 55(9), pp. 1586-1604. link
- 1st prize, student paper competition by the Productions and Operations Management Society.

Drivers of inventory in the U.S. automotive industry, with G. Cachon, 2010. Management Science. 56(1), pp. 202-216. link

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Measuring the Effect of Queues on Customer Purchasing Behavior, with Yina Lu, Andres Musalem and Ariel Schilkrut 2013. Management Science 59(8)  link.
- 1st prize in 2012 M&SOM student paper competition (awarded to Yina Lu)

Measuring the Performance of Large-Scale Combinatorial Auctions: A Structural Estimation Approach, with Sang-Won Kim and Gabriel Weintraub. forthcoming in Management Science. Available in articles in advance. link.
- Finalist in the 2012 M&SOM student competition (awarded to Sang Won Kim)

Working Papers

Productivity Analysis in Services using Timing Studies, with Yina Lu and Aliza Heching (first version: February 2014) download paper from SSRN

Identifying Competitors in Markets with Fixed Product Offerings, with Roger Lederman and Garrett van Ryzin (first version: December 2013) download paper from SSRN

Severe Weather and Automotive Assembly Productivity, with Gerard Cachon and Santiago Gallino. (first version: October 2011, current version: November 2012) download paper from SSRN

ICU Admission Control: An Empirical Study of Capacity Allocation and its Implication on Patient Outcomes, with Song-Hee Kim, Carri Chan and Gabriel Escobar. (first version: May 17, 2012) download paper from SSRN
- Finalist in the Pierskalla Award 2013.
- 1st prize in 2013 M&SOM student paper competition (awarded to Song Hee Kim).

Does Adding Inventory Increase Sales? Evidence of a Scarcity Effect in U.S. Automobile Dealerships, with Santiago Gallino and Gerard Cachon. download paper from SSRN

Work in Progress

Retail in High Definition: Using Video Analytics in Salesforce Management, with Andres Musalem, Nicolas Garcias and Ariel Schilkrut. Manuscript in preparation.

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