by Martin Uribe and Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe
Princeton University Press, 2017.

Online Materials By Chapter (slides, code, data, etc.)
Chapter 1:Business-Cycle Facts Around the World
Chapter 2:An Open Endowment Economy
Chapter 3:An Open Economy with Capital
Chapter 4:The Open Economy Real-Business-Cycle Model
Chapter 5:Business Cycles in Emerging Countries: Productivity Shocks Versus Financial Frictions
Chapter 6:Interest-Rate Shocks
Chapter 7:Importable Goods, Exportable Goods and the Terms of Trade
Chapter 8:Nontradable Goods And The Real Exchange Rate
Chapter 9:Nominal Rigidity, Exchange Rates, And Unemployment
Chapter 10:Exchange Rate Policy And Capital Controls
Chapter 12:Financial Frictions And Aggregate Instability
Chapter 13:Sovereign Default