UBC - Research Methods Course


Research Designs - Part 2


Module 4

Jonathan Berkowitz PhD




Module Overview

The Module Overview is a 2-page description of each module and includes the objectives, key files and key links required to complete the module. It can serve as a quick reference to the resources specified in the module.

Module 4 - Overview

Module Text

This is the full text of each module. It can be printed out in its entirety or viewed in a web format through the WebCT site.

Module 4- Full Text

Assignment Template

The Assignment Template is a file that is meant to be a starting point for the learner in terms of completing the objectives of the Module. We have strived to create assignments that can be plugged into an actual research projects so that the learner's work can serve both learning purposes and further an ongoing research project.

Module 4 - Assignment Template

Example Survey -- Grant

Example Survey -- Instrument



Could use more examples surveys.