Nicolás Padilla
Marketing Ph.D. Student
Columbia Business School

Working Papers

  • Padilla, Nicolas and Eva Ascarza (2019), "The Value of First Impressions: Leveraging Acquisition Data for Customer Management."
    [Download paper] [SSRN]

Research in Progress

  • The Customer Journey as a Source of Information
    coauthored with Oded Netzer and Vicki Morwitz

  • Heterogeneity in HMMs: Allowing for heterogeneity in the number of states
    coauthored with Oded Netzer and Ricardo Montoya

  • Avoiding Fifty Shades of Grey: Uncertainty in Customized Assortment Optimization
    coauthored with Oded Netzer

  • Customer Bundling for Streaming Services
    coauthored with Kinshuk Jerath and Fei Long

  • Disentangling the short and long-term effects of marketing actions: A HMM approach
    coauthored with Eva Ascarza, Ricardo Montoya, and Oded Netzer

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