Working Papers (recent)

1. Household Behavior and Collective Model


Transferable utility and demand functions: a complete characterization (with E. Gugl)


Static and Intertemporal Household Decisions (with Maurizio Mazzocco), forthcoming, Journal of Economic Literature


Noncooperative Engel Curves: A Characterization (with Jesse Naidoo)


Divorce and the Duality of Marital Payoff (with Natalia Radchenko and Bernard Salanié)


Equivalence Versus Indifference Scales, forthcoming, Economic Journal


Randomized Household Labor Supply, forthcoming, Review of Economics of the Household, special issue in honor of Angus Deaton




2. Matching and Marriage Market


Investment in Schooling and the Marriage Market (with Murat Iyigun and Yoram Weiss); published in the American Economic Review


Investment in Schooling and the Marriage Market (with Murat Iyigun and Yoram Weiss), supplementary material


Matching to Share Risk (with Phil Reny), published  in Economic Theory


Partner Choice and the Marital College Premium: Analyzing Marital Patterns Over Several Decades (with Bernard Salanié and Yoram Weiss), forthcoming in the American Economic Review


Changing the Rules Midway: The Impact of Granting Alimony Rights on Existing and Newly-Formed Partnerships (with Jeanne Lafortune, Murat Iyigun and Yoram Weiss), forthcoming, Economic Journal


Matching with a Handicap: The Case of Smoking in the Marriage Market (with Sonia Oreffice and Climent Quintana-Domeque), forthcoming, Journal of the European EconomicAssociation


The Roommate Problem Is More Stable Than You Think (with Alfred Galichon and Bernard Salanié)


Multidimensional matching (with Robert McCann and Brendan Pass)

Multi- to one-dimensional transportation (with Robert McCann and Brendan Pass)


The Marriage Market, Labor Supply and Education Choice (with Monica Costa Dias and Costas Meghir)



3. Risk and Contract Theory


The Welfare Effects of Predictive Medicine; Published In: Insurance: Theoretical Analysis and Policy Implications, Pierre-André Chiappori and Christian Gollier, Ed., MIT Press, 2006


Better Safe than Sorry? Ex Ante and Ex Post Moral Hazard in Dynamic Insurance Data (with Jaap Abbring and Tibor Zavadil))




4. Econometrics


Non Parametric Identification and Estimation Of Transformation Models (with Ivana Komunjer and Dennis Kristensen), published in The Journal of Econometrics


On the Nonparametric Identification of Multiple Choice Models (with Ivana Komunjer and Dennis Kristensen)


Identifying Heterogeneous Sharing Rules (with Ju Hyun Kim), forthcoming, Quantitative Economics


The Econometrics of Matching Models (with Bernard Salanié), published, Journal of Economic Literature