Welcome to Purushottam's research page!

Hello! I am an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Systems Biology with Dennis Vitkup. I spent two years at the Brookhaven National Lab with Sergei Maslov before coming here (2011-2013). Prior to that I did my graduate work with Dilip Asthagiri at the Johns Hopkins University (2007-2011). I did my undergraduate work at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay (2002-2006).

I can be reached at pd2447_at_cumc_dot_columbia_dot_edu.

Here is the list of publications on google scholar.

Research interests

I am broadly interested in systems and evolutionary biology. I also maintain an active interest in maximum entropy methods and physical chemistry. Below, you can find a detailed description of the research interests.

Signal transduction

Bacterial genome evolution


Informed random walks

Statistical mechanics of small systems

Statistical mechanics of solute-solvent interactions

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