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IMPORTANT! This page is the main art center for Wicked. Discussion groups, the latest packs, and more can be found at Wicked's main distribution site, Disembodied Voices.

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Note: This page is going to be undergoing major changes soon. (As soon as my finals are over. :) )

Wicked is an art group dedicated to bringing you quality ASCII, ANSI, music, intro, PPE and more!

Here is some information about our group.

Other groups

If you want some information about other groups on the WWW, click here.

Our latest PACK could probably be found at or also at - our packs are named WKD-MMYY.ZIP, so d/l it NOW.


The place that our releases will SURELY be found at is of course the Wicked WHQ BBS - Next Dimension or on our USHQ - Disembodied Voices - the premier art BBS on the East Coast.
You could reach the BBS at +1-718-279-2766

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