Jeopardy Template
Yiddish-Jeopardy for Workshop

When you create your own Jeopardy:

1. Save as (NEWNAMEjeopardy.ppt, for example)
2. Fill in your categories into NEWNAMEjeopardy.ppt
3. Even numbers are the clue that students see when they choose a category for a specific amount
4. The following odd number = what students guess to earn the points

Category one = slides 2-11
Category two = slides 12-21
Category three = slides 22-31
Category four = slides 32-41
Category five = slides 42-51

You MUST use arrow to move from slide to slide, because hitting return (as is the natural tendency) creates a duplicate slide as the following slide instead of moving to the next slide in the original template (so that you then have even numbered slide followed by even numbered slide instead of even - odd - even - odd as must occur for the game to work in the slide show.

If you have questions, contact