Rebecca Jane Stanton
Assistant Professor of Russian
Slavic Department, Barnard College

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I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, where I lived for most of my life until university. I've also lived, worked, and/or studied in London, Paris, Cologne, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Philadelphia, and New York. In addition to English, I speak Russian, French, German, intermediate-level Ukrainian, and just enough Spanish to get by in my Dominican neighbourhood; on my list for future study are Polish, Yiddish, Georgian, Mongolian, and Hindi. I can also read Latin and Old Church Slavonic, within reason. When I'm not chained to my desk doing the things that academics do, I'm generally singing in some ensemble or other, or attempting some form of athletic activity (most recently yoga and boxing).



mail | 226A Milbank Hall, Barnard College, 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

phone | 212-854-3133  •  email | my email address
office hours | Mondays, 1-3 PM, and by appointment


 [current courses]

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fall 2010

  • FYSB BC1617, Reacting to the Past (Barnard First-Year Seminar)
  • Russian G6039, Literature, Politics, and Tradition After Stalin
    Notes: Knowledge of Russian not required (dual reading list available). Open to advanced undergraduates with the instructor's permission.

spring 2010


[official interests]

modern Russian (and German) literature music the 1920s auto/biography and first-person narrative poetics of place Jewish-Slavic coterritoriality technology popular culture stories that come true


 [unofficial interests]

English Renaissance poetry Radio Four avant-garde theatre Girl's Own genre fiction modern art historical linguistics virtual communities mediaeval mystic nuns fandom cricket


 [works in progress]

  • Isaac Babel and the Self-ishness of Odessan Modernism (book manuscript)
  • "Magical Discourses in Soviet Literature" (book project in development)
  • "'A Monstrous Staircase': Inscribing the Revolution of 1905 On Odessa" (book chapter)
  • "Feminine Resurrections: Gendering Redemption in the Last Novels of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky" (book chapter, under contract)
  • "A Dog's-Eye View of the Soviet Union" (article in progress)
  • "Nabokov's Hero of Our Time: A Five-Fold Self-Narrative" (article in progress)
  • "Valentin Kataev and the Problem of Longevity" (article MS)
  • "Battlestar Canonical: 'Galactica' and the Texts of Classical Antiquity" (book chapter, under contract )


The background you see on this page is a satellite picture
of my home country, New Zealand (and a lot of clouds).

           By you possessed, by you unnoticed,
           Unto myself I speak of you
                                     --Nabokov, The Gift