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Ramón M. González III

Doctoral Program: Education Administration

Teachers College, Columbia University

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What is an urban jibaro?

An urban jibaro is the term used to describe the combination of an urban ghetto resident and a jibaro, a traditional Puerto Rican farmer. The term is a distinct reminder of the unique identity, issues, and historical roots of many Puerto Ricans living in the urban ghettos of the US.
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Resume-not in this homepage-but a little bio maybe.

I am a graduate of Cornell U. in Political Science and African Studies, and a current student of Education Administration at Teachers College/Columbia University -nice match verdad! I am also a sixth grade mathematics and computer teacher at IS 44 in Manhattan. My research and career interests are helping to develop productive relationships between schools and gangs, and between urban com munties and schools. Building on the idea of social capital, I believe that all communties maintain an inherent cultural capital base that can be utilized to develop productive social networks and community relations. Give me a couple of years and I will have conquered the world with my ideas but right now I'm a poor graduate student so love me as I am!


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Here are some pictures of my math and computer classes at
Broadway Academy of the Arts
100 West 77th street
Jaqueline Wilson-Coordinator
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