National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights

The National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights is a mass membership, activist, grassroots organization dedicated to securing full equality and an end to discrimination against Puerto Ricans. It is a volunteer organization which does not solicit government funds. Founded in the South Bronx in 1981, the NCPRR is the largest organizaion of its kind in the United States.

What does NCPRR do?

ADVOCATES for the human and civil rights of Puerto Ricans

EDUCATES its members and the community about the conditions affecting the Puerto Rican and Latino community and ways to improve them.

SUPPORTS affiliated organizations and local groups by bringing citywide and national support to their local efforts.

DEVELOPS new leadership, with an emphasis on youth and women.

INFORMS elected representatives and public officials about our community's problems, needs and ways of addressing them.

ORGANIZES local and national campaigns. The NCPRR is best known for its organizing against environmental racism, police abuse, racially-motivated violence, and other forms of discrimination; work in support of local community issues; and campaigns to hold elected and appointed officials accountable.

SERVES as a voice for Boricuas who cannot speak out because they work in agencies or community groups dependent on government funding.

OFFERS "apprentice-ships in struggle" for new activists.

PUBLISHES a "Status Report on Puerto Ricans in the U.S." every two years, as well as national and local newsletters.

ENGAGES in activities that preserve and develop our language and culture.

BUILDS progressive coalitions with other people of color and groups fighting discrimination.

NCPRR Chapters

To join or for more information:
Ramon Gonzalez-Communications Officer
National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights:
NYC Chapter
PO Box 1307
Madison Square Post Office
New York, NY 10159
212 631-4263

Email Addresses

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Check Out BoricuaNet!
BoricuaNet is a bilingual telecommunications network using computer technology to link the many Puerto Rican communities across the United States. BoricuaNet is sponsored by the NCPRR. For info contact: Jose Morales or Richie Perez

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