National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights-
NYC Chapter
Technology Committee


The technology committee was formed based on two premises: a) computer technology is an integral part of the further development of grassroots communities, b) Puerto Rican/Latino grassroots communities have failed to embrace this medium due to different reasons. The technology committee seeks to address these premises by organizing a holistic grassroots campaign to integrate and foster computer technology as a communication, educational, political, and economical tool for the further development of the Puerto Rican/Latino community(ies).


Foster and promote computer technology as an integral tool of grassroots community organizing.

Develop strategies that create greater understanding of the many functions of computer technology

Develop local computer technology support groups

Promote Boricuanet as the service provider for NCPRR and the general Puerto Rican/Latino community

Develop NCPRR web pages to promote Boricuanet, NCPRR's organizational mission and goals, to advertise each chapter's history, community campaigns/events, meeting times, and contact personnel


Organize and implement a community analysis that seeks to understand the reasons why computer technology has not been embraced by the Puerto Rican community

Create and Maintain NCPRR web pages

Develop an "introduction to computers" workshop and hand outs

Develop an "introduction to IBM/Mac" workshop and hand outs

Develop a "web page training" workshop and hand-outs

Develop an "e-mail training" workshop and handouts

Foster and develop a "NCPRR-NYC Community Computer Clearinghouse" that would serve as an information and resource center on computer information, uses, programs, prices, and general support services to Puerto Rican grassroots communty(ies)

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