National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights-
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Student Networking Committee


The mission of the student networking committee is to provide a forum and support group for student activists. The student networking committee seeks to foster community and campus activism, develop networks of student activists between inner/outer college campuses of the New York City area and the local Puerto Rican grassroots communities, and coordinate and support events of members of this network.


* Promote and support student activism and leadership

* Develop and foster networks between activists and student leaders

* Develop and foster networks between the various college campuses

* Maintain links between local communities and college activists organizations through integration of the network and NCPRR-NYC

* Use of Boricua student power as a communication medium between the local communities and college activists

* To maintain a forum that fosters and trains student leaders in various strategies of community and campus organizing To foster intergenerational closure/networks between younger and older activism through forums, trainings, and community activities such as workshops and a grassroots speaker bureau


* Further development of Boricua student power t a listserv) as a communication tool to foster the goals of NCPRR-NYC and the student networking committee

* "Apprenticeships in training"-to integrate students into NCPRR-NYC campaigns such as the justice, environmental, political prisoners, Puerto Rico, Latinos for Positive Images and technology committee as informal training or apprenticeships of community organizing

* Collaborative workshops between campus leaders and community leaders with different committees around different issues such as police brutality/racism in local communities and on college campuses

* "Student Think Tank"-Development of forum for exchanging of ideas, arena for training and analysis of strategies, And promotion of informal and formal networks of various student leaders

Tools for the Student Leader

Student Networking Committee

How To Be A Better Leader Tools gained from workshop on better leadership
Boricua Student Power-A student listserv run by NCPRR

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