Honors Program

Psychology majors with good academic records and an interest in psychological research are encouraged to apply for admission to the Psychology Department's Honors Program prior to the start of their junior year. The program is designed to enable students to gain advanced level experience in the design, conduct, and analysis of research through direct involvement in the laboratory of one of the department's faculty members.

Normally, students are admitted to the two-year program in the first semester of the junior year, and continue through the senior year. To qualify for honors, students must take a total of 36 points in the department, including the honors seminar and research courses, and satisfy the other requirements for a major. During both years, students in the Program enroll in the Honors Seminar (Psychology W3910x and y), a two-hour, one credit course that meets bi-weekly, at which participants present and discuss their own on-going research. They also attend the Psychology Department's Colloquia, which feature guests from outside the University speaking on a variety of psychological topics.

In both junior and senior years, all students in the Honors Program conduct research under the supervision of a Psychology Department faculty member. By registering for Honors Research (Psychology W3920x and y) students can receive between one and four credits per semester for their research experience. The actual number of credits is determined in consultation with the student's faculty adviser, and depends on the amount of time spent working on research. In the senior year, Honors candidates complete an original research project under the supervision of their faculty adviser, the results of which are reported in an Honors Essay. In the past, research done as part of the Honors Program has been reported in scientific journals and presented at professional meetings.

Applications for the Honors Program can be obtained at the Psychology Department Office, 406 Schermerhorn. Questions can be directed to the faculty members responsible for overseeing the program, Professors Krauss (x 4-3949) and Markman (x4-5548).

Interested students should apply for admission at the end of their sophomore year.