Unpublished Work and Work in Progress

Robert M. Krauss

Regarding reprints: The purpose of this page is to give those who are interested some idea of the stuff we are currently working on. Some of these papers are more-or-less complete; others are in various stages short of completion. One of the unanticipated consequence of posting these listings on the web is that I have begun receiving many requests for reprint from all around the world. Unfortunately I lack the resources to fill so large a volume of requests. I will try to post downloadable .pdf files for those that are completed (or nearly so), but iit will take some time. For abstracts. click on he highlighted authors' names.Needless to say, I welcome comments on any and all.




Dushay R.D., & Krauss, R.M. Lexical movements, speaker fluency, and listener comprehension..

Chiu, C.-y., Hong, Y.-y., & Krauss, R. M. Gaze direction and speech dysfluency in conversation.    Download .pdf file

Chawla, P., Krauss, R.M., & Krieger, S.  Conversational visual cues and memory for narrative. Download .pdf file

Krauss, R. M., Gottesman, R. F., Chen, Y., & Zhang, F. F. What are speakers saying when they gesture? Grammatical categories of gestural lexical a ffiliates (in preparation).

Morsella, E., & Krauss, R.M. Movements facilitate speech production: A gestural feedback model   Download .pdf file .

Krauss, R.M. & Morsella, E, Gesture and communication: A reappraisal (in preparation)