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AlkB and petroleum decomposition

Developing an integrated understanding of the bioinorganic chemistry of hydrocarbon decomposition in oil spills. An important step in connecting the molecular to the global

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Lead Neurochemistry

Metals and Biology: the effects of lead on neurological development. Understanding fundamental inorganic chemistry in a neurochemical context.

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The Austin Laboratory is interested in understanding the role that metal ions play in key reactions in biology and in developing catalysts with important industrial and environmental applications. We use a variety of techniques, in collaborations with researchers from other labs, to answer questions about how hydrocarbons are metabolized by microorganisms, how lead impacts central nervous system development, and how renewable resources can be used to meet the world's ever growing energy needs. These projects reflect a pervading interest in understanding the connections between structure and function in catalytic and biological chemistry.


  • Congratulations to Jackie Ordemann on the publication of her thesis: “Lead neurotoxicity: Exploring the potential impact of lead substitution in zinc-finger proteins on metal health” in Metallomics. Read more here.
  • Congratulations to Adnan Shami Shah, Roch de Silva, Astrid Gleaton, and Angela Su on the publication of their thesis work: “Thermodynamics of Pb(II) and Zn(II) binding to MT-3, a neurologically important metallothionein”. Read more here.
  • Congratulations to Ashley Brooks on the publication of her thesis work: "Experimental and theoretical insights into the hydrogen-efficient direct hydrodeoxygenation mechanism of phenol over Ru/TiO2". Read more here.

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