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Requests for Recommendation Letters

You can email me your initial request or stop by my office hours, but you must do so at least two weeks before the due dates for the letters. Please collect all of your documents and give them to me at the same time attached to one email message. For the electronic or hard copy forms themselves, please fill in any information required from you and also fill out my title, address, phone number, etc. Use my email address rather than Here is my info:

Randall Reback
Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, 1014 Milstein Center
Barnard College, Columbia University
3009 Broadway
New York, New York 10027
tel: (212) 854-5005
fax: (212)854-8947


1. LIST OF APPLICATIONS REQUIRING MY LETTER, ALONG WITH DEADLINE DATES (AND THE APPROXIMATE DATE I WILL RECEIVE THE FORM FOR A REC LETTER). If you are applying to more than 2 places at once during the same month, please try to choose a date by which you will have submitted all of them-- this will allow me to send all of the applications off on the same day.

2. A COPY OF YOUR TRANSCRIPT--this can be an unofficial copy. This will allow me to highlight relevant coursework.

3. C.V. (resume): which includes any work experience, your courses and grades, languages, any prizes or honors. If you do not have a c.v. already, don't worry about making it neat, just give me this information in some readable form.

4. YOUR STRENGTHS & GOALS: a short memo of bullet points from you about you, that gives me information not in your c.v. This is a chance to tell me all of your strengths and accomplishments. For instance, what was your greatest accomplishment in the past year? Why do you want to study abroad (for example) and what are your goals for your time away? If you are applying for study abroad, for overseas graduate school, or for overseas jobs, they often ask if a candidate will be able to adapt to a different culture, so include any international travel, living abroad, or other multicultural or international experiences.

I will email you when I have sent out your letter(s). If you haven't heard from me 5 days before the due date for the letter, it is your responsibility to email me and remind me about the due date :)

Good luck with your applications!