The Barnard/Columbia NCLB Data website is up! It provides national school-level data from the first two years of the No Child Left Behind Act. Our research papers using these data are the first two papers below....

Note: New papers listed below are in boldface.

School Accountability and Ratings

  • "Under Pressure: Job Security, Resource Allocation, and Productivity in Schools under NCLB", (with Jonah Rockoff & Heather Schwartz). American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 6(3), 2014 [PDF]
  • "Fifty Ways to Leave a Child Behind: Idiosyncrasies and Discrepancies in States' Implementation of NCLB", (with Elizabeth Davidson, Jonah Rockoff, & Heather Schwartz). Educational Researcher 44(6), August/September 2015. [PDF]
  • "True for Your School? How Changing Reputations Alter Demand for Selective U.S. Colleges", (joint with Molly Alter) Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 36(3), Sept. 2014 [PDF]
  • "Teaching to the Rating: School Accountability and the Distribution of Student Achievement," Journal of Public Economics , June 2008 [PDF] [Corrected Table 4]
  • "Tinkering Towards Accolades: School Gaming under a Performance Accountability System" (joint with Julie Cullen). Advances in Applied Microeconomics 14, (2006) [PDF]

School-based Health and Mental Health Services

  • "How Does Access to Health Care Affect Teen Fertility and High School Dropout Rates? Evidence from School-based Health Centers," joint with Michael F. Lovenheim and Leigh Wedenoja, [Working Paper]
  • "Primary Health Care Access and Children's Educational Achievement," joint with Tamara Lalovic-Cox, draft coming soon,[Abstract]
  • "Schools' Mental Health Services and Young Children's Emotions, Behavior, and Learning," Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 29(4), August 2010 [PDF]
  • "Non-Instructional Spending Improves Non-Cognitive Outcomes: Discontinuity Evidence from a Unique School Counselor Financing System," Education Finance & Policy, Spring 2010 PDF]

School Choice and Student Sorting

  • "Fiscal Impacts of Charter Schools: Lessons for New York", (joint with Bob Bifulco) Education Finance and Policy 9(1), Winter 2014 [PDF]
  • "Jockeying for Position: High School Student Mobility and Texas' Top Ten Percent Rule" (joint with Julie Cullen and Mark Long) [Sept. 2011 draft] Journal of Public Economics 96, August 2012.  
  • "Demand (and Supply) in an Inter-district Public School Choice Program," Economics of Education Review, August 2008 [PDF]
  • Public Finance and Schools

    • "Fiscal Spillovers between Local Governments: Keeping up with the Joneses' School District," draft: January 2017 [PDF]
    • "Buying Their Votes? A Study of Local Tax-Price Discrimination", Economic Inquiry 53(3), July 2015 [PDF]
    • "Mobility, Housing Markets, and Schools: Estimating the Effects of Interdistrict Choice," Journal of Public Economics 96, August 2012 [PDF]
      • "House Prices and the Provision of Public Services: Capitalization under School Choice Programs," Journal of Urban Economics 57(2), (March 2005) [PDF]

    Teacher Labor Markets

    • "The Impact of College Course Offerings on the Supply of Academically Talented Public School Teachers."Journal of Econometrics 121, (July, 2004), pp. 377-404.[abstract] [PDF]
    • "Entry Costs and the Supply of Public School Teachers." Education Finance & Policy, (Spring 2006) [abstract] [PDF]