Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Columbia University

Full Time Positions:
• Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University
Assistant Professor 1970-1974
Associate Professor 1974-1979
Professor 1979-present
• Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics 2003-present
• Previously, Member of the Technical Staff, Control Systems Research Department, Bell Telephone Laboratories 1969-1970

Part Time Employment:
• Visiting faculty, MIT
• Held visiting positions at seven other universities
Heidelberg, Bonn, Augsburg, Darmstadt (Germany),
National Cheng Kung (Taiwan)
Nanjing, Beijing Institute of Control (China)
Newcastle (Australia)
• Consultant and part time positions at 19 industries and government laboratories including:
NASA Langley Research Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, European Space Operations Center, National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan, National Applied Research Laboratories of Taiwan, ICASE, General Electric Research Labs, Naval Research Labs, Xerox Research Labs, Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Martin Marietta, SDC, The RAND Corporation

Engineering Society Positions Held:
For the American Astronautical Society (AAS)
• Vice President-Publications
• Vice President-Technical
• First Vice President
• Member of the Board of Directors
• Member, Space Flight Mechanics Technical Committee
• Director of Technical Committee Activities
• Member, Awards Committee
• Member AAS Fellow Committee
• Editor, The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences
For the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
• Member, Astrodynamics Technical Committee
• Member, Robotics and Automation in Space Technical Committee
• AIAA Fellows Review Aerospace Sciences
• AIAA Representative on Sperry Board of Award
Journal Editorial Board Memberships
Journal of Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete, and Impulsive Systems B: Applications and Algorithms
Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences (The Korean Space Sciences Society)

• B.A. Physics-Mathematics double major, University of California, Riverside (1965)
• M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego (1967)
• Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego (defended 1968)
• M.A. in Mathematics, University of California, San Diego (1969)
• Undergraduate financial support:
Laboratory Assistant and Research Assistant to Willard F. Libby, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
NSF Undergraduate Research Participation Grant in Physics
Grader for Advanced Applied Analysis, Mathematics Department
• Graduate support:
Three year NDEA Fellowship
Consultant to The RAND Corporation

Invited Lectures:
Delivered keynote lectures at conferences and invited lectures at universities and government laboratories in the US and 20 other countries

• Recipient, Humboldt Award for Lifetime Research Achievements (Germany), 2006
• AAS Dirk Brouwer Award for contributions to Astronautics
• Fellow AIAA
• Fellow AAS
• Best paper award from ASME
• Best paper award from AIAA/AAS
• NASA Technical Brief Award
• Two Alan Berman Research Publication Awards from Naval Research Laboratory
• Proctor and Gamble Publication Award
• National Research Council Senior Research Fellowship

Author of approximately 400 journal and conference publications
Approximately one third in the fields of iterative learning and repetitive control Guest Editor
Journal of The Astronautical Sciences
Special Issue on System Modeling and Control of Flexible Space Structures
Special Issue on Modeling and System Identification of Flexible Space Structures
Special Issue on Robotics in Space
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Special Issue on nD Systems and Iterative Learning Control

External Examiner
University of Kuwait; Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria; Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur; McMaster University, Canada; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; National University of Singapore; Lehigh University; Dartmouth College; University of Heidelberg, Germany

Some Conference Advisory Committees, Organizing Committees, Scientific Program Committees
Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009
International Conference on Manufacturing and Engineering Systems, Taiwan, 2009
Symposium on Iterative Learning Control at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Shanghai 2009
Chinese Automatic Control Society, International Automatic Control Conference, NCHU, Taichung, Taiwan
International Conference on Structural Dynamics, Vibration, Noise and Control, Hong Kong
Third International Conference on Dynamics and Control of Structures in Space, England
Second and Third International Symposia on Spacecraft Flight Dynamics, European Space Operations Center, Germany

Co-Chair for Some Special Conferences
• NCKU/AAS Symposium on Engineering Science and Mechanics, Taiwan, 1981. Related to the Symposium
- Lunch with the Ex-President of Taiwan, President H. E. Yen Chia-Kan
- Who delivered the openingkeynote address
- Dinner with the Minister of Education of Taiwan
- Meeting in front of the Press with the Premier of Taiwan, Premier Sun Yun-Shuan
• Conference on Mathematical Problems in Robotics, 1991
- Sponsored by the German Mathematics Research Institute Oberwolfach
- Conferences by invitation only
- Inviting approximately 40 experts in the field from around the world
- Held in the Black Forest at a mathematics retreat, expenses paid