Here are some books I have written:


Human Rights and the Uses of History

(New York and London:

Verso Books,



The Last Utopia:

Human Rights in History

(Cambridge, Mass.:

The Belknap Press/

Harvard University Press,


pp. 344


A Holocaust Controversy:

The Treblinka Affair in Postwar France

(Waltham, Mass:

Brandeis University Press,


pp. xxiv + 220 


This book was given the Sybil Halpern Milton Memorial Prize

(of the German Studies Association, for the best book

over two years on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust in the widest context)


Origins of the Other:

Emmanuel Levinas between

Revelation and Ethics


Cornell University Press,


pp. xiv + 268


This book was given the Morris D. Forkosch Prize

(of the Journal of the History of Ideas, for the

best first book of the year in intellectual history)

and a Koret Foundation Jewish

Studies Publication Program grant


Here are some books I have edited:


(co-ed. with Darrin M. McMahon)

Rethinking Modern European Intellectual History

(New York:

Oxford University Press,



(co-ed. with Jan Eckel)

The Breakthrough: Human Rights in the 1970s


University of Pennsylvania Press,


previously in German as

Moral fr die Welt?:

Menschenrechtspolitik in den 1970er Jahren


Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht,



(co-ed. with Andrew Sartori)

Global Intellectual History

(New York:

Columbia University Press,



(co-ed. with Warren Breckman et al.)

The Modernist Imagination:

Intellectual History and Critical Theory

(Essays in Honor of Martin Jay)

(New York:

Berghahn Books,


pp. xli + 417


(ed. with intro.)

Pierre Rosanvallon,

Democracy Past and Future

(New York:

Columbia University Press,


pp. xi + 294






A list of some book reviews I have written for The Nation and elsewhere is here.




Right now I am working on human rights history since the 1970s.


Someday I plan to finish a book provisionally entitled:

A New Theory of Politics

Claude Lefort and Company

in Contemporary France

(New York: Columbia University Press, forthcoming)


Some articles I have written, most related to the above projects,

are listed on a separate page.


Here are my remarks on receiving the Mark van Doren Award for undergraduate teaching.