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Connect ALL is a peer mentoring program designed by students from the Adult Learning and Leadership Program (ALL) and the Adult Education Intensive Guided Study Program (AEGIS) of Teachers College to welcome and guide new students joining our masters and doctorate programs. Current students and alumni will serve as connectors for new students as they learn to navigate the program, TC and the experience of graduate studies.

This web page aspires to provide new students with answers to some of the questions you may have when joining Teachers College and our Connect ALL program.  Through it we also hope connectors will be able to access useful resources that will assist them in guiding new students and allow connectors to engage with each other while exploring new ways to support incoming students.

The Goal of Connect ALL is to increase the sense of community in the ALL and AEGIS Programs at Teachers College.

Our Objectives are:

1. Help new ALL and AEGIS students gain access to resources and information about Teachers College and the ALL Program

2. Build trusting student relationships

3. Put into practice what we are learning about adult learning theory

4. Provide current students and alumni the opportunity to give back to the program and to new students

5. Create opportunities for student collaboration