Program Guidelines

Connector Resources

New Student Resources

Look at the following resources:

New Student Resourses

Important stages of the program

Master Students:

1. Developing your program plan

2. Completing your masters project

Doctorate Students:

1. Developing your program plan

2. Taking the Certification Exam

3. Writing your Thesis (You can look at some digital dissertation examples in the top middle section of the TC Libraries web page:


Graduate Writing Center

Here you will find valuable resources including workshops that are offered at the Teachers College to improve your writing skills.


List of Connectors

The names and e-mails of connectors that join Connect ALL each academic year will be included here. During this month current students and alumni have been contacted to see who is interested in joining Connect ALL in Fall 2010.


Discoveries you wish to share with other members of Connect ALL

Here we will include resources new students have found valuable during their journey at TC, any epifanies they may have had about our field, or tools others in our Program may benefit from.

E-mail us to add your discoveries to the web page: