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Program Guidelines

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Duration of the program

The program lasts two semesters as we consider this is the minimum period of time needed to build strong connector and new student relationships. Connectors and new students can agree upon extending their relationship if necessary. All the participants of Connect ALL have chosen to voluntarily join the program as a means to maximize their experience at TC or give back to other students.

Participant pairings

The coordinators of Connect ALL, which are students from the ALL and AEGIS's programs, will pair connectors with new students according to the interests of new students, availability of connectors and the connector's stage in the program. Some of the guiding factors that will be used to establish the pairings are:

a. program (ALL or AEGIS),

b. degree to be completed (masters or doctorate),

c. research interests,

d. professional goals,

e. student nature (full or part time student).

Participant responsibilities

a. Both connectors and new students shall participate of as many activities and meetings as possible according to a mutual agreement between the connector and new student.

b. At least one face to face meeting is desirable for the first semester if the new student asks to do so. This face to face contact will strengthen the trust and relationship between the participants.

c. We encourage two additional contacts during the first semester although these may be done by phone, e-mail or Skype as the parties agree.

d. During the second semester two more contacts are suggested according to the methodology selected by the connector and the new student. The connector should try to accomodate as much as possible the methodology of communication prefered by the new student.

Suggestions for contact topics and methodology

New students should feel free to ask their connector any questions. The connector will answer according to his or her experience and knowledge and shall also search for answers and resources from fellow students, faculty or other people if needed.

Connectors should also help new students reflect on certain areas of the program and help them plan ahead although the new student may not have initial concrete questions. Some of the topics that can be discussed are:

About the relationship

1. Connector responsibilities in the relationship

2. New student responsibilities in the relationship

3. Mutual expectations of the relationship

4. Methodology for meetings and relationship

5. Dates to meet (Put dates on the calendar or else the semester will fly by without meeting)

6. Progress of the relationiship and areas to improve

7. Boundaries and challenges in the relationship


About the TC experience

1. How to choose classes and professors

2. Housing issues (like finding a place or moving)

3. Student organizations at Teachers College

4. Work or internship opportunities the new student may explore

5. Transfering credits from prior graduate degrees

6. Preparing the degree program plan

7. Taking the certification exam

8. How to publish research

9. How to adjust to life in New York City