Steven Kou

Professor of  Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Department of IEOR

Columbia University


Ph.D. in Statistics, Columbia University, 1995.


Research Interests

  • How to live better--Financial Engineering
  • How to live longer--Stochastic Models in Medicine
  • How to enjoy myself--Applied Probability


  • Fall 2005, E3106: Introduction to OR: Stochastic Models
  • Spring 2006, E4709: Data Analysis for Financial Engineers
  • Spring 2006, E4723: Credit Risk Models and Derivatives


Academic Resume


Department of IEOR, 312 Mudd Building, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027

Phone: (212) 854-4334. FAX: (212) 854-8103.

E-mail:sk75 (at) columbia (dot) edu