Working Papers

1.    Democratic Transitions (Paper) (Slides1) (Slides2)


2. Alternative Models of Dynamics in Binary Time-Series–Cross-Section Models: The Example of State Failure (Paper) (Slides1) (Slides2)


3. The 45% Solution: Racial Gerrymandering and Representative Democracy (Paper) (Slides)


4. Do We Still Need §5 Preclearance? Theory and Evidence (Paper)


5. Minorities and Democratization (Paper) (Slides) 


6. Higher-Dimension Markov Models (Paper) (Slides)


7. Bayesian Estimates of Minority Policy Influence (Paper)


8. The Evolution of Descriptive and Substantive Representation, 1974-2004 (Paper) (Slides)


9. A Strategic Dominance Argument for Retaining Section 5 (Paper) (Slides)