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I am a final year Masters student in Computer Science at Columbia University in New York. My advisor is Dr. Owen Rambow . My research interests are primarily in machine learning. I find the application of machine learning to solve problems in natural language particularly interesting.

My current projects involve work in semantic parsing and structured prediction. Last year, I worked on detection of influence and power in online social media with Dr. Rambow.


Swabha Swayamdipta and Owen Rambow. The Pursuit of Power and its Manifestation in Written Dialog. Proceedings of IEEE International Conference of Semantic Computing 2012. [pdf]


  1. Natural Language Processing with Michael Collins
  2. Algorithms with Clifford Stein
  3. Machine Translation with Nizar Habash
  4. Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing with Michael Collins
  5. Data Mining with Frank Wood
  6. Machine Learning with Tony Jebara


In summer 2012, I interned at Google Inc., Mountain View. My task was to perform search quality evaluation in Google TV.

From 2010 to 2011, I was employed at Oracle Server Technology, Bangalore, India.

In summer 2009, I interned at Microsoft IT, India.



E-mail: ss4173 at columbia dot edu