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Feb. 1996
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Aug. 1997

Hello, and welcome to my web page. As you might have guessed, I did not create this page. Yes, my dad did it for me.

My name is "Can". For those who wonder how "Can" is pronounced in Turkish, here is a small explanation:

There is a story about my name written by John Tumpane.
There is another story (in Turkish) about the name "CAN" as well.

Here is some information about me:

Name Isim : Can. -- Meaning: Soul; Life Ruh, Yasam
Birth Date Dogum Tarihi: Wednesday,
February 7, 1996, 4:05 PM
7 Subat 1996, 16:05,
Birth Place Dogum Yeri: St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center,
New York.
New York.
Weight Agirlik: 8 lbs 14 oz 4 kg. 25 gr.
Length Boyu: 21" 53.34 cm.
Head Bas: 14.5" 36.83 cm
Sign (of the zodiac) Burcu: Aquarius Kova)

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