Acronym Expansion / Glossary


World Wide Web (or Web, for short).


Uniform Resource Locator -- the Internet address for documents located on the Internet.


Standard Generalized Markup Language -- this is a standard for describing markup languages.


Document Type Definition -- this is a specific markup language, written using SGML.


A text link to other documents containing more information on the same or a related topic. Hypertext links are identified as different colored text with an underline. To retrieve the related document, click on the hypertext.


HyperText Markup Language -- a language (or format) used for creating hypertext documents on the World Wide Web.
-- HTML is a SGML DTD. In practical terms, HTML is a collection of styles (indicated by markup tags) that define the various components of a World Wide Web document.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- an information retrieval mechanism for HTML documents.




File Transfer Protocol -- the standard protocol for transferring files from one computer to another over the Internet.
-- access to hundreds of file libraries (everything from computer software to historical documents to song lyrics). You'll be able to transfer these files from the Net to your own computer.


Access to databases, computerized library card catalogs, weather reports and other information services, as well as live, online games that let you compete with players from around the world.


Wide-area Information Server; a program that can search dozens of databases in one search.


A program that gives you easy access to dozens of other online databases and services by making selections on a menu. You'll also be able to use these to copy text files and some programs to your mailbox.


Internet Relay Chat, a CB simulator that lets you have live keyboard chats with people around the world.
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