Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Atatürk in Pictures:
  • His Portrait
  • Another Portrait
  • Another Portrait
  • Another Portrait
  • Soldier Mustafa Kemal-1
  • Soldier Mustafa Kemal-2
  • President Mustafa Kemal
  • With a Child
  • With a Woman
  • With Some Turkish Women
  • Teaching The New Alphabet
  • Visiting a School
  • Reading a Book
  • On a trip in Izmir
  • On a Trip
  • Visiting a Factory
  • With Other Law Makers
  • With a Group of Foreign Officials
  • Accepting a Foreign Ambassador
  • In The Cover of Time Magazine
  • Unesco's Resolution on the
    Atatürk Centennial
  • His Address to the Turkish Youth
  • His tomb - Anitkabir
  • View All Pictures --- Atatürk Resim sergisi

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