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Hello from Vancouver, Canada!

Thanks to those subscribers who have sent us postings the last few
days on visiting Turkey. I visited this wonderful country on business for
the first time this past year and have fallen in love! There are
innumerable travel destinations around the world (as readers of this
list can attest to) but one of the often overlooked ones is Turkey.

I was in the capital of Ankara for a week in the spring and found the
government officials, private businessmen, shopkeepers and people
on the street to be invariably friendly, courteous, and unfailingly helpful.
At one point, I found that I had left a notebook with critically invaluable
information in it in one of the taxis I had taken. Now, understand that
Ankara is a busy city of over three million, probably three million taxis,
I don't speak or write Turkish, and my notebook had no identification
in it whatsoever. I mentioned my loss to the front desk at my hotel
(Pullman Etap Mola, by the way); they phoned some central taxi
registry and my notebook was returned within an hour! Now, if that
sort of thing happens in many major cities, I'd be very very suprised.

Most delightful of all was my totally unexpected discovery of the city of
Antalya and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey! Seventy degrees in
March, brilliant skies, five-star hotel on cliffs overlooking the sea
(Talya Otel) at less than US$65 single with breakfast AND dolphins
splashing in the sea outside my bedroom window! My first experience
of being somewhere that they keep a pitcher of freshly squeezed
orange juice on the table in restaurants the way we North Americans
keep ice water at hand. A beautiful part of the world, as yet relatively

I invite more comments about this wonerful country. I would be happy
to read of your experiences and, especially, invite any Turkish users
of the internet to drop me a line personally so that I can continue to
learn more about this exciting country. Serefinize!

Dallas Cooper
Vancouver, Canada

Date: 28 Mar 1995 14:54:32 -0600 From: Burak Epir Newsgroups: soc.culture.turkish

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