Body language (emoticons)

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:-D       I'm laughing

B-)       I'm cool

:-,       I'm drunk

:-'|      I have a cold

{(:-)     I have a toupee

}(:-(     I have a toupee and it's windy.

7:^]      I resemble Ronald Reagan

:-8       I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth

=|:-)=    I'm Uncle Sam

>From the sidebar entitled "Sidelong remarks that may interest
propellerheads 8(:-)".  These emoticons are attributed to a col-
lection belonging to David Sanderson of Madison, Wis.

8(:-)     propellerhead (see sidebar title)

:-)-O     smiling doctor with stethoscope

:'(       I'm crying

:-=       my lips are sealed

:-&       I'm tongue-tied

%-)       I'm cross-eyed

':-)      I accidentally shaved off one eyebrow

(-)       I need a haircut

(:)-)     I'm scuba-diving

*<|:-)    I'm Santa Claus

+-(:-)    I'm the Pope

:-)))     I'm overweight

=:-)      I'm a punk rocker

:-J       I'm being tongue-in-cheek

5:-)      I'm Elvis

L:-)      I just graduated

[:-)      I'm wearing a Walkman

d:-)      I'm a baseball player

O-)       I'm Cyclops

:8)       I'm a pig

3:-o      I'm a cow

:=8)      I'm a baboon

(,'%/     I slept too long on one side

:-)>-     I just washed my goatee

:-Q       I'm smoking

:-?       I'm smoking a pipe

:-'       I'm chewing tobacco

:-E       I have dental problems

:-o       I'm bored (yawn)

:-{}      I have heavy lipstick

C|:-=     I'm Charlie Chaplin

|:['      I'm Groucho Marx

<<<<(:-)  I'm a hat salesman

:%)%      I have acne

(=>:*'))  I'm a drunk demonic chef with a cold and a double chin

LINGUIST List: Vol-5-763. Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 05:51:59 -0500 From: The Linguist List
:#( Has a hurt nose :-()@#!#@%* Smiley Talking Bad Talk

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