The ARTFL Project

ARTFL is a textual database which contains over 2000 full texts of writings in French from 17th to 20th centuries on a variety of subjects which were originally collected for compiling a dictionary of the French language, Trésor de la Langue Francçla;aise. The database is a joint project of the University of Chicago and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris.

The Columbia Libraries' Humanities and History Division has a subscription to this database. Any current, regular member of the University who holds a valid e-mail account can access the ARTFL database via the World Wide Web (URL: If you need to access the PhiloLogic version of the database via telnet, you may apply for an account I.D. and password at the Butler Reference Desk or send a completed user registration form via E-mail to

For contents of the database, consult an online version of the bibliography on the World Wide Web or a printed bibliography at the Butler Reference Desk. Medieval and 16th-century texts are also in preparation.

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