Sriharsha V. Aradhya


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Brief Bio: Sriharsha Aradhya is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell University (Ithaca, USA). He graduated with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Columbia University (New York, USA) working in the laboratory of Prof. L. Venkataraman. This research experimentally explored the interplay between mechanics, electronics and energetics at the single molecule level (Dissertation Abstract). He is a recipient of graduate student awards at the highest levels from the Materials Research Society (MRS), American Physical Society (APS), and the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM). Previously, he graduated with an Mas from Purdue University (West Lafayette, USA) and a B.Tech from IIT Madras (Chennai, India). Overall, his research interests lie in the interdisciplinary area of nanoscience, where he hopes to learn new science and explore future technological applications.

Along with his academic research, he has a sustained interest in technology commercialization, having been recognized with the Inventor Award from GE’s John F. Welch Technology Center (Bangalore, India), and most recently as a Fellow at Columbia Technology Ventures; he is a co-inventor of two issued US patents. He is also excited to convey the excitement of science and technology to students, having been an instructor for K-12 outreach activities of the New York Academy of Sciences and Columbia's Science Honors Program. On a different note, he also hosted the South Asian Classical Music show on WKCR 89.9 FM New York.

     In the News:

^ Single-molecule junctions beyond electronic transport.
[Review article published in Nature Nanotechnology and featured with a cover illustration for the Focus issue on the future of molecular electronics that includes opinions and insights from leading researchers in this field.]


Materials Research Society's Graduate Student Gold Award, Spring 2013 Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2013)


^ Mechanics of pristine and oxygen-containing silver atomic contacts
[Published in ACS Nano]


^ Unraveling Intricate Interactions, One Molecule at a Time.
[Published in Nature Materials and highlighted by Brookhavel National Lab, Columbia University, Phys.Org etc.]
[Featured in the 'News & Views' of Nature Materials]


^ Feeling the Invisible: Probing Quantum Interference at the Single-molecule Level.
[Published in Nano Letters and highlighted on]