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Tristan Geiller, PhD

Currently, I am an Associate Research Scientist and a K99 Fellow (NIMH) in the Losonczy lab at the Zuckerman Institute, Columbia University.

As of January 2024, I will start my new position as TT Assistant Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Yale University.

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Last updated: May, 2023

Research interests

My research gravitates towards understanding how the hippocampus, a structure of the mammalian brain, supports the complex cognitive processes important to our everyday lives, such as learning and memory.
More specifically, my goal is to elucidate the organization, computations, and dynamics of hippocampal circuits during memory-guided behaviors. To this aim, I leverage new optical, molecular, and electrophysiolgical methods.

Representative publications

Vancura B*, Geiller T*, Grosmark A, Zhao V, and Losonczy A. *: equal contribution
Inhibitory control of sharp-wave ripple duration during learning in hippocampal recurrent networks.
Nature Neuroscience, 2023. link

Geiller T, Sadeh S, Rolotti S, Blockus H, Vancura B, Negrean A, Murray A, Rozsa B, Polleux F, Clopath C and Losonczy A.
Local circuit amplification of spatial selectivity in the hippocampus.
Nature, 2022. link

Geiller T, Vancura B, Terada S, Troullinou E, Chavlis S, Tsagkatakis G, Tsakalides P, Oscai K, Poirazi P, Rozsa B, and Losonczy A.
Large-scale 3D two-photon imaging of molecularly-identified CA1 interneuron dynamics in behaving mice.
Neuron, 2020. link

Kaufman A*, Geiller T*, and Losonczy A. *: equal contribution
A role for the Locus Coeruleus in hippocampal CA1 place cell reorganization during spatial reward learning.
Neuron, 2020. link

Geiller T, Fattahi M, Choi J-S, and Royer S.
Place cells are more strongly tied to landmarks in deep than in superficial CA1.
Nature Communications, 2017. link

Terada S, Geiller T, Liao Z, O'Hare J, Vancura B and Losonczy A.
Adaptive stimulus selection for consolidation in the hippocampus.
Nature, 2022.

Rolotti S, Ahmed M, Szoboszlay M, Geiller T, Negrean A, Blockus H, Gonzalez K, Sparks F, Solis Canales AS, Tuttman A, Peterka D, Zemelman B, Polleux F and Losonczy A.
Local feedback inhibition tightly controls rapid formation of hippocampal place fields.
Neuron, 2022

O'Hare J, Gonzalez K, Herrlinger S, Hirabayashi Y, Hewitt V, Blockus H, Szoboszlay M, Rolotti, S, Geiller T, Negrean A, Chelur V, Polleux F and Losonczy A.
Compartment-specific tuning of dendritic feature selectivity by intracellular calcium release.
Science, 2022

Dudok B, Szoboszlay M, Paul A, Klein P, Liao Z, Hwaun E, Szabo G, Geiller T, Vancura B, Wang BS, McKenzie S, Homidan J, Klaver L, English D, Huang J, Buzsaki G, Losonczy A and Soltesz I.
Recruitment and inhibitory action of hippocampal axo-axonic cells during behavior.
Neuron, 2021.

Fattahi M, Sharif F, Geiller T, and Royer S.
Differential representation of landmark and self-motion information along the CA1 radial axis: self-motion generated place fields shift toward landmarks during septal inactivation.
Journal of Neuroscience, 2018.

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