Tri Vi Dang



Research on Information Sensitivity (p)



1)  Understanding the history of banking, financial innovations and financial crises based on the concept of information sensitivity [Overview]



2)  Papers based on the concept of information sensitivity






Bargaining with Endogenous Information

p is a determinant of outcomes in bargaining




















Information Acquisition, Noise Trading and Speculation in Double Auction Markets

Traders can scale up p in large centralized markets



Information Provision in Over-the-Counter Markets

Rating agencies reduce p in OTC trading















The Information Sensitivity of a Security

A full characterization of p





















Ignorance, Debt and Financial Crises

Debt-on-debt minimizes p and a financial crisis arises debt becomes information sensitive



Haircuts and Repo Chains

p is a determinant of repo haircuts
















Banks as Secret Keepers

Banks finance low p projects and markets finance high p projects




















Chinese Shadow Banking: Bank-Centric Misperceptions

Chinese shadow banking is built on asymmetric perceptions of p



Shadow Banking Modes: The Chinese versus US System

Chinese and US shadow banks employ different mechanisms to handle p















The Empirical Information Sensitivity of Treasury Bonds and Stocks

An empirical measures of p




















The Information View of Financial Crises

There are accumulating empirical evidences for p theory



Taxation, Information Acquisition and Trade in Decentralized Markets: Theory and Test

A profit tax reduces p and a transaction tax increases p