6 Best Investing Websites

We live in an exciting area in which almost everyone has easy access online stock investing. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites out there that let users do stock research, manage portfolio and make investments. For new people who just enter the investing game, it is easy to get overwhelmed by so many available options. Therefore, the purpose of this guide is to provide the list of the 6 best investing websites on the market. These websites are curated based on the opinion of finance students and faculty at Columbia University. These websites all provide exceptional functionality that can help you research stock faster and make better investment decisions.

1. ValueInvesting.io

When it comes to value investing, the number one choice is definitely ValueInvesting.io. Built by and for value investors, their mission is to provide comprehensive fundamental data for each company and then from there figure out which ones are undervalued/overvalued. They calculate intrinsic values using a variety of models such as Discounted Cash Flows, Earnings Power Value, Multiples Comparison, etc. Their models incorporate all publicly available information about each company so we find their model quality exceptionally accurate. They also allow users to modify some key model assumptions easily right in the website, which is very handy when we have a different opinion or simply want to check out how a change in terminal growth rate will affect the valuation value


You can also find other helpful tools for your stocks research such as stock screener, watchlist, ETFs, investment ideas, etc... available on ValueInvesting.io. They stay true to the idea of value investing so we highly recommend them if you follow this investing philosophy.

Pricing: $14.99/month for 1 region, $42.99/month for global access

2. AlphaResearch

AlphaResearch is probably the coolest and most advanced website on this list. They have a very unique take on research and investing. They believe all information investors need to beat the market can be found in company filings such as 10K and 10Q. With that belief in mind, they have used AI and machine learning to build a search engine that lets users search across all filings of all listed companies efficiently.


We want to note that they are not the first website that provides such functionality. AlphaSense and Sentieo have been around much longer and provide a somewhat similar search engine. However, their pricing is mostly for enterprises and thus very expensive for retail customers. If you are just starting out, we think AlphaResearch is a solid choice to deep dive into your interested companies and learn about their financial performance. There is really no substitute to good research and AlphaResearch makes the process so much simpler.

Pricing: $69/month for retail investors.

3. Finsheet

If you are one of those investors who would like to do your own research and making investments, Finsheet should definitely be your go-to platform. They provide institutional-grade financial data at a reasonable price for retail investors in Excel and Google Sheets. The asset classes they cover are: stocks, ETFs, bonds, crypto, mutual funds, options and alternative data.


What we also like about Finsheet is their clear and straightforward documentation. Every function comes with an example and the full list of parameters, making it extremely easy to just copy and paste into Excel or Google Sheets to test it out. They also have a Google Group where you can ask technical questions about the platform and have them answered within a few hours.

Pricing: starting at $20/month

4. Investopedia

When it comes to investing knowledge, there is really no website that can beat Investopedia. Widely regarded as the Wikipedia of financial knowledge, Investopedia provides an unparallelled lists of resources and articles about different aspects of the finance world. No matter whether you are learning the basic concepts like market capitalization or you are a sophisticated investor who is looking to get into option pricing, you can find what you need to know in Investopedia.


The nice thing about Investopedia is that they are completely free. The website generates income via ads and referral to other investing platforms. Therefore, you have access to top-quality financial knowledge at absolutely no cost. Besides pages about financial concepts, I also enjoy their articles about the trends in the market and their list of recommended services

Pricing: free.

5. SeekingAlpha

SeekingAlpha has been around for a while and is one of the best stock research websites you can access on the market. They provide a ridiculous number of high-quality stock analysis articles for their users. Not all articles are written by experts, but they are all thoroughly reviewed to make sure their quality is top-notch


What I like about the website is the quality of their articles. Each of them goes very in-depth into a company by providing readers with a lots of fundamental evidences and data. They also cover news for stocks, ETFs and provide a pretty comprehensive list of trending stock ideas for you to get started..

Pricing: price of the Pro plan is $299/month.

6. Motley Fool

Any list about investing websites would be incomplete without Motley Fool. Motley Fool is probably the most visited website on this list. Motley Fool is well-known for their stock recommendation service which they claim to have outperform S&P500 significantly in the past.

Motlet Food

Over the year, they have composed a comprehensive list of different stocks in different sectors and investment themes for users to check out. To be honest, sometimes I feel like they overhype their stock picks too much but many people have been using their services so they are probably doing something right. I also like the education sections about stock market and retirement a lot since they are detailed and beginner-friendly.

Pricing: pricing starts at $299/year all the way up to $13,999/year


In our opinion, those 6 websites are truly the ones that stand out in the long list of investing websites on the market. Check them out and let us know what you think