How to get stock price in Excel and Google Sheets

Excel and Google Sheets have always been the go-to platforms for investors to keep track of their investments and analyze their trades. However, getting reliable stock price in Excel and getting stock price in Google Sheets can still be challenging due to many reasons such as cost, lack of functionalities, unreliable services, etc... In this blog, we provide the top 4 methods we have curated at Columbia University to get stock price and other financial data in spreadsheets. These methods are broadly used by our students and faculties.

1. Finsheet

Finsheet | stock price in Excel and Google Sheets

Finsheet is hands-down the best option in our opinion. Finsheet provides institutional-grade stock price in Excel and stock price Google Sheets. Beyond that, they also support stock fundamentals (balance sheets, income statements, cash flow), Wall St analyst estimates, technical analysis, etc.. for global stocks. They not only provide price data but also 30+ years of historical price at 1-minute resolution. This type of data is perfect for users who would like to analyze historical pattern, do charting or backtest their strategy. Beyond stocks, Finsheet also cover other asset classes like ETF, Mutual Funds, Crypto and Forex.

To get stock prie in Excel or stock price in Google Sheets, use these 2 functions:

The first returns the snapshot of the latest price of Apple Inc. The second returns the live price of Microsoft updated in real-time.

Other functions that Finsheet supports are:

Price: pricing starts at $20/month for 1 region if you need more data than what the Free plan offers. To get started, simply install their Excel stock price or stock price Google Sheets add-on, depending on which platform you use.

2. Built-in functions

Excel and Google Sheets do have some built-in functionalities which allow users to obtain some financial data directly. Data that you can get using the built-in functions are snapshot of latest stock price, historical end-of-day data, and some other metrics like volume, 52-week high, outstanding share, etc... They only support US stocks so if you are not investing in US stocks, the built-in functionalities will not work for you. Overall we think these functionalities are good enough for beginners or passive investors who need to check the price of their investments daily. If you need anything more than that, then you will need some types of add-on like what Finsheet provides.

A few examples about how to use built-in functions to get stock price:

a) Google Sheets b) Excel: There are a few steps you will need to do to get stock price in Excel

3. MarketXLS


MarketXLS is another solid and well-known data provider for Excel. They offer comprehensive market and fundamentals for US stocks and ETFs. Their data also goes back 30+ years with quarterly and intra-day data available. What we like about MarketXLS is their extensive options data. Depending on your plan, you will have access to either EOD or real-time options data. They also provide coverage for mutual funds, forex, cryptos. However, to get international stocks, including Canadian, European and Astralian stocks, you will need their Premium plan, which has a whopping price at $200/month. MarketXLS functions are generally straightforward to use. However, since they have one function for each metric, the list of functions is very long and can be overwhleming for new users.

A few examples about how to use MarketXLS functions:

Price: pricing starts at $75/month for non-professional use.

4. Deriscope


Deriscope is an Excel add-on for stocks and derivatives. They do offer the standard data like real-time stock price, forex, fixed income, etc... However, Deriscope's main strength is in their derivative pricing capabilities. They include 56+ instrument types and 1000+ mathematical models like curve building that can handle swaps, options, futures and more. We highly recommend Deriscope if you are an option or future trader and want the ability to efficiently price your investments.

Their add-on is excellent but fairly complicated to use. Refer to their official documentation to learn more.

Price: pricing starts at $199/month.