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What is Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)?

WACC is a company's average after-tax cost of capital.

WACC depends heavily on a company's capital structure. Most companies have a mix of capital sources such as common stocks, preferred stocks, debts, etc... WACC is simply the weighted average of those sources' cost.

Many refer to WACC as the expected rate the company has to pay to finance its operations. WACC is the key component of all DCF models and is used to discount future cash flows to the present day

WACC Calculator
How is WACC calculated?

There are multiple components needed to compute a company's WACC.

WACC Formula


  • E -- Market capitalization
  • D -- Market value of the company's debt
  • CD -- Cost of debt
  • CE -- Cost of equity
  • T -- Tax rate
Sample WACCs