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            Teck Yong Tan
            PhD Candidate, Department of Economics

              Email    :   teck.tan@columbia.edu
              Address :   1022 International Affairs Building,
                                420 West 118th Street, NY 10027

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers

  • "The Extrinsic Motivation of Freedom at Work", Mar 2017.
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  • "Managing Investment and Production in Principal-Agent Relationships", Apr 2017.
    View abstract

  • "Opportunism in Principal-Agent Relationships with Subjective Evaluation", Feb 2017, with W. Bentley MacLeod. (Supplementary Appendix) (Older version: NBER Working Paper 22156)
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Work in Progress

  • "Transparency in Learning in Organizations". (Presentation slides)
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  • "Feedback and Belief Manipulation via Discretionary Rewards". (Presentation slides)
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  • Lecturer for Game Theory, Summer 2014 ( Evaluation) and Summer 2015 (Evaluation)

  • Teaching Assistant for Intermediate Microeconomics, Fall 2015 (Evaluation) and Spring 2016 (Evaluation)

  • Teaching Assistant for Microeconomic Analysis II (First-year PhD), Spring 2015 (Evaluation)

  • Teaching Assistant for Economics of Uncertainty and Information, Spring 2013 (Evaluation)