Van-Anh Truong

Associate Professor

Department of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

Columbia University 

338 S.W. Mudd Building

500 West 120th Street

New York, NY 10027-6902


Email: vatruong AT ieor DOT columbia DOT edu

Telephone: (212) 854 4715


I am interested in a broad class of problems that arise in Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, and Business Analytics.   These problems address decision making under uncertainty in information-rich and highly dynamic environments.  My research focuses on developing optimization methods for solving core models underlying fundamental classes of such problems.

My recent work focuses on real-time optimization approaches for large e-commerce, healthcare, and service applications.  My research is supported by an NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award.  Here is a related news article.

Previously, I have developed new algorithms with theoretical performance guarantees for multi-period inventory problems in capacitated and multi-echelon settings.   My thesis develops the first approximation algorithm for multi-product, multi-resource, dynamic capacity-expansion problems.  I have also studied the role of strategic inventory waitlists in retail settings.

Full Curriculum Vitae.

Published and Submitted Papers


1.       S. Wang*, S. Yang*, Z. Xu*, and V. A. Truong.  Fast Thompson Sampling Algorithm with Cumulative Oversampling: Application to Budgeted Influence Maximization.  Preprint (2020).

2.       S. Yang* and V. A. Truong.  Revenue Management with Complementary Products.  Preprint (2019).

3.       Wang*, S., Z. Xu*, and V. A. Truong.  Beyond Adaptive Submodularity: Adaptive Influence Maximization with Intermediary Constraints.  Preprint (2019).

4.       S. Yang*, S. Wang* and V. A. Truong.   Online Learning and Optimization Under a New Linear-Threshold Model with Negative Influence.  Preprint (2019).

5.       Li*, S. and V. A. Truong.  Online Resource Allocation for Services with Variable Durations.  Preprint (2018).

6.       Pan* X., Z. Xu*, J. Zhao*, J. Song, and V. A. Truong.  Learning to Rank under Evolving Consumer Reviews.  Preprint (2019).

7.       Xu*, Z. and V. A. Truong.  Re-optimization Algorithms for Contextual Bandits with Knapsack Constraints, Preprint (2018).

8.       Truong, V.A. and X. Wang*.   Prophet Inequality with Correlated Arrival Probabilities, with Application to Two-Sided Matchings.  Preprint (2018).

9.       Wang*, X., V.A. Truong, S. Zhu, Q. Zhang.  Dynamic Optimization of Mobile Push Advertising Campaigns.   Preprint (2016).

10.   *Wang, X., V. A. Truong and D. Bank.  Online Advance Admission Scheduling for Services, with Customer Preferences. Preprint (2015).  Talk.  Presented at MSOM Service SIG Conference, 2016.

11.   Pan* X., J. Song, V. A. Truong, and J. Zhao*.  Online Contextual Learning and Resource Allocation with Perishable Resources.  To appear in IIE Transactions (2020).

12.   Stein, C., V.A. Truong, and X. Wang*.  Advance Reservations with Heterogeneous Customers.  To appear in Management Science (2019).

13.   Gallego, G., A. Li*, V. A. Truong, and X. Wang*.  Approximation Algorithms for Product Framing and Pricing. To appear in Operations Research (2019).

14.   *Wang, X. and V. A. Truong. Multi-priority Online Scheduling with Cancellations. Operations Research, 66(1) 104-122 (2018).  Talk.

15.   Liu, N., V.A. Truong, X. *Wang, and B. Anderson.  Integrated Scheduling and Capacity Planning with Considerations for Patients' Length-of-Stays.  Production and Operations Management, to appear (2019).

16.   Mueller, R., F. Dexter, V. A. Truong, and R. Wachtel. Case Sequencing of Diagnostic Imaging Studies Performed under General Anesthesia or Monitored Anesthesia Care during Nights and Weekends.  Anesthesia & Analgesia Case Reports (2015).

17.   V. A. Truong.  Optimal Advance Scheduling.   Management Science, 61(7):1584-1597 (2015).  Talk.

18.   Truong, V. A. The Multi-period Stochastic Inventory Problem: Approximation Algorithm via a Look-Ahead Optimization ApproachMathematics of Operations Research, 39(4) pp. 1039-1056 (2014).

19.   Huh, T., Liu, N., and V. A. Truong.  Multi-resource Allocation Scheduling in Dynamic Environments.  Manufacturing & Services Operations Management 15(2), pp. 280-291 (2013).  Presented at MSOM Healthcare SIG Conference, 2012.

20.   V. A. Truong.  Optimal Selection of Medical Formularies.  Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management, 13(2) pp. 113-132 (2014).

21.   V. A. Truong.  The Pediatric Vaccine Stockpiling Problem.  Vaccine, 30 (43), pp. 6175-9 (2012).

22.   Levi, R., R. Roundy, V. A. Truong, and X. *Wang.  Provably Near-Optimal Balancing Policies for Stochastic Multi-Echelon Inventory Control ModelsMathematics of Operations Research, 42(1) pp. 256-276.

23.   Truong, V. A. and R. Roundy.  Multi-Dimensional Approximation Algorithms for Capacity-Expansion Problems.  Operations Research 59 (2), pp. 313-327 (2011).  Talk.

24.   Sapra A., V. A. Truong and R. Q. Zhang.  How much Demand Should be Fulfilled?  Operations Research 58 (3), pp. 719-733 (2010).

25.   Ford, D., Labelle, F., Popovici F., Stokely, M., Truong, V.A., Barroso, L., Grimes, C. and S. Quinlan.  Availability in Globally Distributed Storage Systems.  Proceedings of the 9th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (2010).

26.   Levi, R., R. Roundy, D. Shmoys and V. A. Truong.  Approximation Algorithms for Capacitated Stochastic Inventory Models.  Operations Research, 56 (5), pp. 1184-1199 (2008).

27.   Truong, V. A. and L. Tuncel .  Geometry of Homogeneous Cones, Duality Mapping and Optimal Self-Concordant Barriers.  Mathematical Programming, 100(2), pp. 295-316 (2004).

* denotes a student or post-doc I worked with.

Completed Papers

1.       Gallego, G., A. Li*, V.A. Truong, and X. Wang*.  Online Bipartite Matching with Customer Choice (2016).

2.       Truong, V. A. and C. Ruzal-Shapiro.  Optimal Advance Scheduling, with Expediting (2013).

3.       Truong, V. A. and D. Yao.  Analytical Models for Designing Pharmaceutical Contracts (2013).

4.       Truong, V. A. and R. Roundy.  Data-driven Approximation for Joint Pricing and Inventory-Control (2008).

External Service

·        Associate Editor, Operations Research.

·        Associate Editor, IIE Transactions.

·        Associate Editor, Naval Research Logistics.


·        NSF award CMMI – 1653770.  CAREER: Optimization Methods to Support Real-time Personalized Consumer Transactions, Amount $500,000.00, 2017-2022.

·        Principal Investigator, NSF award CMMI – 1538088, Online algorithms for service systems, Amount $300,000.00, 2015-2018. 

·        Principal Investigator, Provost’s Grants Program for Junior Faculty who Contribute to the Diversity Goals of the University, Columbia University, Amount $25,000.00, 2015.



·        IEOR 4418: Logistics and Transportation Management, 2014- 2015.

·        IEOR 4507: Operations Management, with Application to Healthcare, 2011-2016.

·        IEOR 3402: Production Planning, 2011-2017.

·        IEOR 4210: Supply-Chain Management, 2011.

·        IEOR 8100: Approximate Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning, with Application to Healthcare, 2011.