About Me

I am an undergraduate senior at Columbia University, studying Computer Science.



wn2155 AT columbia DOT edu



  • October 2017 Gave a talk at DSLDI 2017 in Vancouver Canada
  • May 2017 Joined REU-SE, a summer research program, at Carnegie Mellon University.


I am interested in programming languages, computer graphics, and computer vision. As a visual learner who happens to like designing and implementing programming languages, I aspire to create new languages for graphics/vision applications. Currently, I am working on Penrose, a system that visualizes mathematics from high-level, declarative programs.


B.S. in Computer Science, Columbia University
B.S. in Computer Science, Dickinson College


Substance and Style: domain-specific languages for mathematical diagrams

Wode Ni*, Katherine Ye*, Joshua Sunshine, Jonathan Aldrich, and Keenan Crane.
Domain-Specific Language Design and Implementation (DSLDI 2017), co-located with SPLASH.
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Whiteboard Scanning Using Super-Resolution

Wode Ni.
Dickinson College Honors Theses. Paper 221.


My name is 倪沃德 ( ní wò dé ) in Chinese. “Nimo” has been my alias since high school, during which I was a street dancer (Popping) and competed under this alias. My first name, often written as “Wode”, looks like a single word in English and people often pronounce it that way. Sadly, I have trouble answering to “ Wode “ under all circumstances. If you find it hard to pronounce ( ní wò dé ) , try “Nimo”.

I play Yo-yo, and have won provincial contests. I mostly do 1A. Broadly speaking, I am interested in many forms of Object manipulation, such as Zippo tricks and pen spinning.

I love billiards, especially Snooker.