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  • Daily Weather Data for Contiguous United States (1950-2019) - version March 2020.
    The raw data files give daily minimum and maximum temperature as well as total precipitation on a 2.5x2.5 mile grid for the contiguous United States from 1900-2019.
    The data set is based on the PRISM weather data set. Unlike PRISM, which averages all available stations, this data set keeps the set of stations constant over time. If a station does not report on a given day, we fill in the missing value by the distance-weighted average of the cumulative density function of all surrounding stations (e.g., if surrounding stations are on average at their 70th percentile, the station with a missing value is set to the 70th percentile of its readings). This gives us a balanced panel of weather station records, which is important for a panel study that absorbs average climates and only relies on deviations from the average climate.
    Daily weather records at ach grid are linked to the 0 closest weather stations.
    We keep the weights and stations constant over time. We select weather stations based on how often they report in 1950-2018, hence this procedure works best for that time period.
    If you use the data in your study and want to reference it, please send us a link to your publication so we can add it to the list below. This material is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy Grant No. DE-FG02-08ER64640.
  • The data is housed on dropbox in various subfolders
  • Meta-file 1: linkGridnumberFIPS Linking each grid cell (gridNumber) to the county in which the centroid is located.
  • Meta-file 2: cropArea Linking each grid cell (grid number) to the cropland area in the cell (provided by Shawn Buchholz).
  • Data by Year: Compressed data by year (around 2GB by year)
  • STATA code: Derive arbitrary degree days bounds over agricultural area (right-click to save).