Welcome to the World of Mechanics!

I am a Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University.

I work in the broad area of Mechanics, in particular the new frontiers of mechanics of materials at multiple length and time scales. We use multiscale numerical, experimental, and theoretical approaches, to investigate various research frontiers in materials addressing challenges in energy and environment, mechanobiology, and nanotechnology. Examples of our recent research include novel energy conversion materials underpinned by nanofluidics, molecular biomechanics of membrane proteins, mophogenesis of natural and biological systems, mechanical self-assembly with applications in micro/nanofabrications, thermomechanical behaviors of nanotubes, nanowires, and nanofilms, measuring the mechanical properties of small material structures by using nanoindentation, carbon dioxide capture and sequestration, among others. For more details, please go to my research link, or visit the Columbia Nanomechanics Research Center (CNRC). Graduate student positions are available in computational or experimental Solid Mechanics.

No matter how big the universe is or how small the atoms/proteins are, the applications of mechanics are everywhere. As the oldest branch of physics, mechanics has impacted all major technologies, include aerospace, mechanical, materials, electrical, biomedical, chemical, civil and environmental engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology. In the coming decades, mechanics will continue to thrive by means of advancing new technologies. I hope that my research, joining those by other researchers in the field, can make the dazzling success of mechanics enjoyable to more people.

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