Lab Address: Mudd 941, 500 West 120th Street. Phone: (212) 854-3787 
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Lab Equipments (some will be available soon)
  Thin film/Bulk material Hardness/Stiffness measurements & Toughness measurement of delamination: Nanoindenter (UMIS-2000)
  Nanoporous energy absorption testing system

Computing Facilities
  Dell Workstations (equipped with 2Gb or 4Gb memory, single or dual 3GHz (and above) Intel Xeon processors, and ultra-fast harddisks)
  128-core Intel Xeon cluster (coming)

  Experiments: Labview, DAQ Software & Hardware
  FEM Computing: ABAQUS, ANSYS, Calculix, MARC, Patran/Nastran; Molecular Dynamics: LAMMPS, DL_POLY, MATERIAL STUDIO, CHARMM
  Scientific Softwares: Mathematica, Matlab, Maple