Xavier Ignacio Gonzalez Web Page
Recent projects:
        State of the Union Presidential Disclosure: Sentiment and Entity Analysis using D3 P5, and Alchemy API.
        Carachterization of Pulmonary Fibrosis using Deep Learning. Capstone Project. Abstract submitted to Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting.
        Emotible. Android app. to meassure and track emotions when listening audiobooks. Project Winner 3rd price (shared) at Future of Listening Amazon Audible Hackathon.
        Interactive MAP to visualize 311 NYPD complaints resolution time.
        Meassuring Local Relevance by NLP concept-entity expansion-extraction. Project Winner at MINDS innovation Challenge at Brown Institute.
        MoMa Painting Collection Through Time. Project presented at MoMa ArtDatathon
        Exploration and Visualization of Students Data.
        Debate in Emotion. Meassuring the emotion of the Democratic Presidential Debate. Devfest 2016. Project Winner of Best Usage of Microsoft API
        Syngenta Crop Challenge. Data Science Solution to select a mix of soybean seed varieties
        PaperTrail. Tool to predict citations given an input abstract text. Powered by IBM Watson
        Understanding and Predicting Crime Rates Using Statistical Methods
        Robust Decision Making in Agriculture Planning. Operations Research Summer School 2015 (ELAVIO)
        Behavioral multi-criteria decision analysis: the TODIM method with criteria interactions
        Value of perfect ENSO phase predictions for agriculture: evaluating the impact of land tenure and decision objectives
        Behavioral multi-criteria decision analysis: further elaborations on the TODIM method
        Objective functions in agricultural decision-making: A comparison of the effects of expected utility, regret-adjusted expected utility, and prospect theory maximization